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Sell Your Experience

Consumers expect a premium shopping experience for premium purchases.  One thing that brick and mortar has that Amazon doesn't, is people like to touch, feel and see in person when purchasing paint.  Take advantage of offering an experience where customers can zone in on hands-on buying with creative ways to cultivate the process of buying paint.  (Meaning, demonstrations are your new best friend.)


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Don't Fear Premium

Consumers are willing to spend more to get more.  It's important to educate customers on the benefits of premium paint products.  Sometimes, it's hard to look past the price tag when sticking to a strict budget, but educating the customer on the longevity and durability of certain products can help ease that uncertainty.


Topics: Paint department, Hardware, Ace Hardware, paint, Do-It-Yourself, Sell more paint

Good Staffing Means More Sales

Good staffing consists of knowledgeable salespeople and will keep customers coming back.  Big box stores can customer match a paint, but typically if you have someone who can do an eye match and go the extra mile to make sure it's correct, that's where you gain the respect of a customer and their repeat business.


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Boost Your Business

Some dealers are finding that diving deeper into paint can be a good way to boost business, particularly if you already have extensive retail sales and store locations convenient to DIYers and paint contractors.


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Demonstrate to Inspire

Ways to attract a crowd and advertise what your paint department can do for customers is to hold classes where the consumer can partake in a how-to class or workshop.  Free demonstrations are a great way to bring together a group of people that will in turn spread the word about your paint department, as well as purchase products that stem from the hands on training.


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Paint Department Hacks: 8 accessories that will save the day

1.  Paint Spout

A flexible pour spout helps to reduce dripping.  It snaps onto the rim of a gallon or quart can and directs paint where you want it to pour.  Spend less than a couple of dollars for this tool that simplifies paint pouring and reduces the mess.



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10 Reasons to Choose Premium Paint


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More time mixing, not fixing

When a company depends on a product to produce, reliability is the number one component to its success. To spend time fixing a machine, only means that productivity is down and revenue is lost. Holding a machine and all of its mechanical parts responsible for the production of a product, only means that you need to have a durable piece of equipment that can withstand regular and constant operation without breaking down. Let's face it, it's better to be in constant motion than waiting to get production up and running.  


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Improve Your Paint Department

Success with paint means going beyond the basics and finding ways to make your paint department push the limits of the norm to allow your store to be a mecca for buying paint.  In today's paint world, there's certainly a lot of competition, but this is an opportunity to differentiate.  Below are ways to stand out and sell more paint.


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5 Reasons our first year at the ASSE Safety show was successful

With a firm foothold in the mixer & shaker business, it's been exciting and terrifying to dive into something new. Changing names was the easy part, it seems. Because, as Red Devil Equipment Co., we were unwaiveringly known as experts in one field: quality and durable paint shakers. Of course, that's still true, but as RADIA we get to do so much more and the ASSE (Safety 2016) Show was the prime example of how exciting the future of that direction will be.


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RADIA, founded in 1992 as Red Devil Equipment Co., is a local, family owned business that manufactures mixers, shakers and mixing equipment that lasts. We go the extra mile to make sure you can confidently rely on our team and our products.

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