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Visit RADIA at the 2017  Guild CPO Annual Meeting!

We can't wait to see everyone at the show! Visit RADIA (booth 33) at the 2017 Guild CPO Annual Meeting for fall specials, extra discounts and more. Call Jerry for your full list of special prices.


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With a focus on safety, little things make a big difference

Every day we are faced with the question, what's new or what's next? As we focus our efforts on the future of RADIA, we've come across a few different commonalities in the mixing industry, the paint industry. One theme that always comes up is safety.


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When is it time to get new mixing equipment?

We know it can be hard to let go sometimes. Your favorite pair of shoes is full of holes, but they are so comfortable. Your car's gas mileage is slowly, but surely declining and you can't seem to part with it. At what point do we recognize the pain of change is less than the pain we're experiencing?


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What's the key to a good mix? Hint: It has to do with your mixer.

Several factors play into deciding whether you have a good mix with using your shaker.  Optimizing your mixing procedures is a good business practice.  Even traditional products and well-established processes can benefit from a strategic reassessment of the mixing operation.  

Otherwise, having confidence in your equipment (our specialty) will help you rest easy knowing you have the right mix, each and every time. Consistency is where businesses succeed and forfeit the downtime of adjusting a machine to have a successful outcome.


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Paint Department Hacks! 5 Accessories That Make Your Job Easier

Several things go into making your paint department operate smoothly. You have a busy job and one little setback can end up stacking paint cans on the counter behind you. To help you work more efficiently and simplify your world, we have put together a list of tools that make your job easier and allow you to speed up the process of increasing paint sales.


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Establishing relationships & making connections: How improving contractor business will improve yours

Contractors buy in bulk, which means higher prices and more sales.  Most jobs that contractors work are commerical and let's just break it down to the fact that a gallon of paint will not accomplish the task.  Key word is bulk and they need an excessive amount of paint. When you become friends with the contractors in your area, the new partnership will open several doors uncovering a business surge.  


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Colors and emotions go hand-in-hand, especially when marketing your business

Seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy... These are all ways in which we describe certain emotions.  There's no denying that color and mood are inextricably linked. People react psychologically to various colors; therefore, when marketing, you should choose the shades that most closely identify with your business or company theme.  

Researchers found that up to 90 percent of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone.  Here's a handy list for you to ponder when choosing which colors to use for marketing purposes.


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Use color psychology to sell your home faster

Color is more than a visual experience.  There's no doubt about it, colors play a big role in our emotions.  Whether it's the soothing effect of blues and greens or the uplifting nature of yellows and oranges, paint color plays a vital role in creating the right mood in a room.  

When preparing to sell a home, you can choose colors that help buyers feel confident about the sale and lead to better offers.  White or cream walls can be the worst choice, leaving the home feeling institutional and empty, rather than warm and inviting.  In general, darker colors give a feeling of closeness, while lighter colors give a better feeling of space.  So, what color should you use?  It depends on what you're trying to convey...


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Top 4 reasons your customers choose to buy local (And why ours do too)

Locally sourcing represents a tremendous opportunity to give back to your community; it's not only good for your community, but it's good for your business and even the planet. Spending locally keeps more money and jobs in your area and has a positive economic impact. Market your store as a locally sourced business, showcasing that you give back and invest in the community.


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What We Learned At The ACE Hardware Show

This year's ACE Hardware convention was a great success. The knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources that our company gained is beneficial for moving forward into the future. 


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