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More than a color: Why we kept the old colors in the new logo

Changing our name and logo was a tough decision. Choosing to stick with the color red to represent our
company was effortless. Red is many different things to many people but to us it represents who we are
and the impression we want to leave.


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RADIA's Rebrand: What's in a name?

When rebranding, deciding a new name for a well-established company is usually the hardest part. You're forced to consider what you gain by changing and what you lose. But once that decision has been made, that's when the hard work starts. How does a company encompass all that they are, all that they offer, everything they are known for and everything they want to become in one name or phrase?


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The Mixer Company has a new name

There are many reasons to rename a business. A desire to modernize a brand or do away with negative associations is a few of the many. In 2016, Red Devil Equipment Co. decided to rebrand and choose a name that better represented what we stand for.  


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5 Times RADIA Designed by Listening...

Responsiveness is a commitment we stand by. Supporting our customers through every aspect of their use of a RADIA product is how we improve our products and ultimately improve your experience. A paint mixer or paint shaker is a pretty straight forward machine and we have a straight forward approach. Design mixing equipment to support your ability to mix more. 


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Stability, reliability and other benefits of sourcing locally

There are many reasons why businesses prefer to source locally beyond keeping up with trends. Buying local has enough benefits to outweigh the savings of buying overseas.  Reactiveness, control, supportive of the community and a positive environmental impact are just a few of the reasons that RADIA has chosen to continue to source locally.


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Will It Mix? Radia makes a cake!

RADIA paint mixers mix more than paint. We put the 1015 Speed Demon, one-gallon vortex mixer to the test by using it to mix a cake. It was just as much fun to eat as it was to make...


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Even in 1905, Hardware Stores Found success by selling paint

Even in 1905, Hardware stores were taking ownership of the sale of paints and sundries, truly beginning to understand its value to customers and place in the business. Check out this digitized article, originally published over 100 years ago.


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RADIA Proudly Sponsors Ronald McDonald House Charities 2017 Gala

Giving back to the community has always been a strong part of what RADIA values. We have been a supporter and sponsor of Ronald McDonald House Charities – Upper Midwest since 2012.


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Continuous Improvement: Bucket Extractor added to the 5025 Red D Mix™

The latest version of our five-gallon gyroscopic paint mixer, the Red D Mix™ (5025U2 Model) is a prime example of implementing our dedication to Continuous Improvement. This machine now comes with an optional pre-installed bucket extractor. The option to purchase as an add-on accessory for older machines is also available.


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Repair vs. Replace: Which option will save you the most money?

After making an investment in any substantial piece of capital equipment, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you should continue to repair it or get ready to replace it.


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